A History of Consistency

Return on Development

An engineer builds something. A professional engineer will do it consistently; they will not give up.

This is my history of consistently built and shipped products outside of my professional work.

  • Writing Community
    • Prototype launched on Tumblr in a weekend in November 2008
    • Thousands of followers
    • ASP.NET MVC application launched with ~50 hours of work
    • Continued use for 12+ years
    • 30 book copies sold
  • Happy Track
    • Journaling application for tracking mental health
    • Written in Objective-C for iOS
  • Significant
    • A dating app for iOS and Android
    • Written in Objective-C and Java
    • Image upload, profiles and chat functions
  • Better Dating
    • A website designed to help people improve their dating app profiles and conversations
    • 200 hours over 12 months
    • Marketing using Google Ads and Google Analytics goals
  • Idle Dog Rescue
    • A Unity “Idle”/incremental game
    • 325 hours over 12 months
    • Rewarded ads and in app purchases
    • Launched on Apple App Store and Google Play

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