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Idle Dog Rescue

Idle Dog Rescue is an idle (“incremental”) 2D Unity game with in-app purchases and rewarded ads.

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Writing Community

A community for writers since 2008.

A community-based website started in November 2008 and written in C# using ASP.NET MVC. This site is still active today with over hundreds of thousands of posts and comments.

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WordPress Network

A network of WordPress websites for a pharmaceutical client. Implementing designs from third party designers, customizing themes and implementing compliance requirements.

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How we help

A History of Consistency

An engineer builds something. A professional engineer will do it consistently; they will not give up.

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Reliable Email Deliverability

One of the challenges with setting up a new WordPress site is how to handle email. Let’s talk about how to do this professionally.

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Collecting More Page Speed Measurements with Google Analytics

Google Analytics defaults to collecting 1% of page speed measurements. This may be helpful if you have a large amount of visitors but for most websites this is far too low. Let’s increase this number to get more data points.

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Optimizing WordPress Themes for Speed

WordPress plugins and themes can speed up development. But unfortunately they can also include a lot of extra CSS and JavaScript that run on each page and can slow down your site. This article looks at a few different methods to improve your WordPress performance.

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